Taking the plunge

Perfectionism is something I’ve been accused of a few times. I don’t really regard myself as a perfectionist, my real issue would be that I agonise over the end result before I’ve even started and therefore I never really get around to doing anything. This blog is already an example of this. It’s not so much that I want things to be ‘perfect’, it’s more that I don’t want the finished result to reflect my any of inexperience. A fear of tracking my progress I suppose, incase it turns out to be none.
Maybe that is being a perfectionist? I have always considered ‘perfectionist’ to be a term that is steeped in vanity rather than fear. Maybe the reflection of my inexperience and the tracking of progress isn’t all that bad – I suppose it’s better than letting that fear stop you before you’ve even started. There is no point agonising over the end result if it makes you too preoccupied to start the journey.
So here I am, in all of my inexperience. I should embrace it and accept that it is the start of the journey. Progress is nothing to be ashamed of; I will set myself the challenges and accept that all journeys start with those first small, initial steps.

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