Here’s a quiz on books and reading I stole from someone on my LJ friends-list and decided to cross-post here.


Hardback or paperback:
Paperback mostly – hardbacks are for collector items or “coffee table” books.

Borrow or buy:
Buy – if I finish a book and decide I’m not going to keep it I tend to pass it on to charity.

Fantasy or Sci-Fi:
Both, though I think I tend to lean more towards sci-fi, my mum likes her fantasy novels.

Love-Triangle or love at first sight:
EHHH I dunno, love at first sight I think? That’s the right answer.

Wall shelves or bookcases:
I have had a bookcase.

Bad plot with good characters or good plot with bad characters:
Both seem like reasonable compromises.

Harry Potter or Percy Jackson:
Neither – I have bad experiences of some HP folk and I’ve only seen one of the Percy Jackson films fully and Pierce Brosnan put me off a bit.

Booklr or Bookstagram:
I don’t know her.

Contemporaries or Fantasy:
Either, as long as they’re good. (I’ll keep this answer).

English books or books in your native language:
Both! I will always have a deep love for Scots poetry. <3

Buy in a bookshop or buy online:
Both. I’d say it’s a fairly even split as well, depends on whether I was browsing online or walking past/loitering in a shop when I decide to purchase said book.

Amazon or Book Depository:
Amazon is the only one I’m familiar with tbh.

Buy because of the cover or because of the description:
Description, though sometimes I admit I’m fickle and torturous with wanting to have a specific version of a particular book because I liked the cover or other such reason, which is why the guy in Southside Bookshop hates me.

Alphabetical shelves or colour coordinated:
Mine are lumped into rough categories and then size (classics- big to small books, sci-fi – big to small, Spike Milligan – big to small et cetera).

Different sized books or matching sizes:
Unless it’s a set who cares?

Wait to marathon a series or read as they’re released:
Ehhhhhh. I don’t think this has ever been an issue with me. All my faves are dead.

Film or TV adaptations:
Either, if they’re good. Most aren’t, really. (Keeping this answer, too).

Reading indoors or outdoors:
Indoors. Outdoors has too many distractions and I feel like “one of those assholes” on the rare occasions I’ve attempted to read in the park.

Coffee or Tea:

Bookmarks or random objects to mark your page:
Most of my bookmarks are kind of random things I’ve fashioned into bookmarks.

Dog-earring or bookmarks:
Bookmarks – my poor books get abused enough since I’m good at falling asleep and rolling on top of them, or they somehow end up under the sofa or in my sock drawer for, yanno, reasons.

Be your favourite character or be their best friend:
My life’s lot has always been the sidekick to the more popular best friend. Might be fun to be the star.
(This prevous answer makes me sad, but I share these sentiments).

Physical or e-book:
I read both, but mostly physical books. I read Tale of Two Cities and Frankenstein as free e-books, even though I have physical copies, because at the time the iPad was closer to me and once I got so far through them I just thought, meh, may as well.

Read in bed or on a chair:
I tend to read more in bed, but depends on where I am when I’m reading.

Audio book or e-book:
I do not like audio books at all. For one thing, I’m hearing impaired, so that’s no fun. Plus, I can read way faster than the narrator can.
(Again, same answer! I’ve got a shallow depth of hearing so audiobooks are no good to me at all. The only exception to this is my love for Vincent Price reading Edgar Allan Poe, or T S Eliot reading T S Eliot, but it’s usually from texts I know inside-out and back-to-front so it doesn’t make a difference. T S Eliot has such a goddamn boring, monotonous tone to his voice, though, so it just kind of turns into a droning sound but that’s good for helping me sleep for some reason.)

Series or stand-alones:
I’ll only read a series if it’s a very good series. That’s a lot of commitment for a gal like me.

Reading in the winter or reading in the summer:
Reading is for all seasons! Though usually I will steer more towards reading shorter, more light-hearted texts in the warm months and I’ll save the biggies for the long winter months as I spend more time in bed so have more time to read them.

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Twelve Albums

Posting this as a request – PC is b0rked so I’ll be keeping this incredibly short and sweet as typing is quite an arduous task thanks to a Windows update gone awry. What an absolute nightmare!
So anyways, here is what I would say are the top twelve most important albums to me growing up.  It’s not the most comprehensive of lists – it’s missing a few firm favourites as it is impossible for me to whittle it down, so I’ve went with albums which introduced me to the bands and genres that made the largest impact during those formative teenage years.

Bauhaus – In The Flat Field
The Godfathers of Gawth – I had a devastating crush on Peter Murphy as a kid after sneaking down the stairs to watch The Hunger.  The film was absolutely fucking awful, but that opening scene sealed my fate as a spooky kid forevermore.  This was the first Bauhaus album I bought myself from Hog’s Head- it looked like a dodgy bootleg copy and cost me £4 and has since been lost to the sands of time, but the contents stuck with me since, especially this song, which I think is one of the only songs my mum ever requested I turn the volume up on when I blasted it from my CD player.

The Cure – Disintegration
To quote South Park – “Disintegration is the best album ever!”

The Cure – Head On The Door
I’m both thalassophobic and claustrophobic, so I don’t know why I have always loved this video so much but I have such a soft spot for it. I love all Cure videos – they’re always a delight! <3

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy
One of those bands where I struggle to choose an album. I went with this album as it is what introduced me to the band, though Darklands and Munki find themselves frequently on my playlists.  If I were to ever become a stripper I reckon this would be my song.

My Vitriol – Finelines
It was hard to get a decent copy of this song on YouTube – the whole album is sensational and was an absolute game-changer for 14 year old me. It was the first time seeing a band live where I was totally mesmerised.  Looking forward to seeing them again very soon.

My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything
When I discovered this album I basically discovered sex.  Audible sex.

Joy Division – Closer
Joy Division only had two studio albums, and this was the second/last which released after Ian Curtis’ death. It’s pretty hard to choose when it comes to JD- so I went with this since it is an actual album and not a compilation of some sort and it told the tale of his internal struggle consummately.

New Order – Substance
Another album where I really struggled to choose a song – I went with this as it seemed fitting as it is about Ian Curtis’ suicide.  Their version of Ceremony features on this album and is my preferred version as the Joy Division versions available are pretty bad quality and I don’t think it is as melodic.  Temptation (known for featuring on the Trainspotting soundtrack) is another cracking song.  This album also had that one New Order song I have came to despise over the years thanks to its constant feature in all the goth clubs;  Blue Monday.

Nine Inch Nails – Downward Spiral
Pretty Hate Machine and The Fragile are also fucking masterpieces in my opinion but Downward Spiral played a very important part of my teenage years. Another one I purchased in Hog’s Head (actually, the first album I ever bought!).  I struggle listening to a few of the tunes on this following Higgy’s death.  A Warm Place still leaves me feeling totally empty and will forever serve as a reminder of a  friend lost.

Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
I thought about going with Tonight Tonight but I figured that may have been a bit cliché; so I went with this quintessential teenage angst anthem.

Idlewild – Hope is Important
The Remote Part was the Idlewild album that came out when I was fully in the throes of teenagedom and it definitely played a pivotal role in those years, but Idlewild’s first two albums absolutely held the key to my heart and made me so much more than just some angry Goth kid. It made me a wishy-washy Indie kid, too! Haha!

Idlewild – 100 Broken Windows
When I was 15/16 I had a jumper almost identical to Roddy’s in this, except it was a girls fit one that I had bought from Pie in The Sky on Cockburn Street.  I wish for the life of me that I knew what became of that jumper – it was/is/was one of the very few non-black-items of clothing I have ever owned. Sigh.


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