I’ve been very quiet, I know! At least I’ve had a good excuse!

Lenore was born 26th July 2016, weighing 9lbs 2.5oz and was delivered via emergency Caesarean a whopping 16 days after her due date and following two failed rounds of induction, which is a story in itself! I ended up stuck in the hospital for 8 excruciating days.  She’s 9 weeks old today and it’s so crazy how long ago all of that now seems, but also how the time has really flown by.  I can hardly remember life without her now, nor could I bare to imagine it;  it’s such an odd and indescribable feeling.

That face! She is every bit a fiery little redhead!  I’m in complete awe of her,  I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I have made this tiny little person who is so gorgeous and perfect.  Luckily she’s a contented little thing for the most part; I haven’t suffered too many sleepless nights so far and she rarely cries for anything except occasionally getting grumpy about me taking too long to sort myself out for feeding her.  I’ve totally caught the baby-bug now,  before I got pregnant I never really saw myself having kids but now I’m itching to have another ten of them!  Whodathunkit huh?!  I guess it helps when the first is so easy-going.

Now that she’s out and I’m getting used to life with her I’m hoping I will manage to start posting a bit more regularly.

I should get to bed just now but here’s another pic just for good measure.



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