Spooky Dreams

Weird post!
So most of my dreams are usually set in Edinburgh of course, but Edinburgh has a very different but very specific layout. A lot of my dreams also take place in this specific graveyard which doesn’t seem to actually exist that I’ve seen- it’s in the “posh” part of town and is a huge and sprawling necropolis of various spooky goings on. Last night’s dream I was in said graveyard with someone from school who I barely ever spoke to and definitely didn’t like very much, but there we were chilling by a few less extravagant graves when we came across some old bound journals – one of them opened up and starting flicking through the pages and it read like a list of executed prisoners. School wanker asked me what it all meant and I firmly stated, “It’s means byeeeee!” and I promptly hopped the fuck away.

I’ve had a few dreams recently around said non-actually-existent graveyard and haunted books.
What the damn hell goes on in my creepy ass brain I will never understand.


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