Chat Noir

The other day I read about how black cats are being rejected because they ‘don’t look good’ in selfies.

I despair! These poor sable-hued creatures have suffered such terrible reputations over the years.   As if being considered a bad omen isn’t enough, now they have to contend with being unstylish! I won’t even get into the outrage over the carelessness of shunning an animal based on their looks, instead I would prefer to set the record straight and celebrate my trés chic and stunningly handsome feline companion, Edgar Mistoffeelees von Fluffybum.

Behold his regal countenance! Capable of both great ferocity and the fluffiest of tendernesses; he is a lover of Dreamies, a fighter of string and the destroyer of carpets throughout the household. His thrones are many, his subjects loyal to a fault; he spreads carnage amongst his sworn enemies, The Moths and The Slippers, and he only eats the jelly in his wet food.

Disgusting display of affection.



No ill-omens and greatly photogenic.  <3

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