Shenanigans ~ Start of summer.

It’s 10:30pm and I’m sitting in my garden soaking in the last of the day’s warmth. I wanted to write something really wistful and whimsical, because sitting here is making me feel quite lovely. That perfume of garden flora, a soft flutter of leathery wings, clouds lit up in shades of lavender and rose; the calm of a summer~ night brings gifts for all the senses so it does.

Even for my wee blackened heart I do find summer to be really quite grand, admittedly, and it saddens me that so far we’ve had very little of it here. I had high expectations of the summer sun at the weekend when I sauntered out the door for the Meadows festival in a short and billowy dress but the weather gods had other plans for my floaty outfit. Oops!

I’m looking forward to the coming days of sunshine, hopefully I’ll get to enjoy the outdoors with some actual warmth and without any more perverse gusts of wind! BD won some meat in a competition of some sort recently so he’s been itching for a good ol’ BBQ in the park. I’ve also recently acquired an obsession for gardening and filling my little space out-back with a mixture of poisonous and edible delights so I’ll be bringing the seasoning to the party should our Scottish Summer™ actually permit such a thing.

I’m afraid that whilst the last few weeks have been a bit manic for me, I’ve been unable to really stop for a second and soak it all in, so I’m sorely lacking in anything to do with anything right now. I’ll try harder, I promise. Until such a time please accept my measly offering of a handful of crappy pictures from my recent (non) adventures as penance.

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